Literacy Program

Literacy Program

About the Program

Reading is the foundation of all future learning. It is portable magic you can dive into anytime. A child who knows how to read, will learn concepts, explore new places, internalize values, and develop their imagination, empathy and critical thinking. Our Literacy Program focuses on developing reading skills and the habit of reading among primary school children in government schools.

Our Approach

Blending Science & Magic

We designed and followed an innovative Comprehensive Literacy Approach that looks at ‘learning to read’ as a comprehensive experience. Here the child learns all the skills required to become independent and fluent readers, and so combining the ‘Science’ of learning to read with the ‘Magic’ of loving to read creates an enabling reading environment.

Our Strategies

Creating Independent Readers
Our program enables primary school children to become independent readers, creating child-friendly learning environments that enable children to become lifelong learners. We set up libraries filled with books in local languages and train teachers and educators to engage a classroom of eager young learners.


Power of Local Languages

Room to Read’s Quality Reading Material department publishes a variety of literature in 4 local languages and multiple dialects. Reading in their mother tongue encourages children to read more and expand their imagination. These books are distributed to libraries supported by the organization.


Engaging the Community
Learning is active, engaging, and social process The responsibility for raising a well-educated and civic-minded generation of children cannot rest solely with schools. Creating an engaging learning space requires the involvement of parents, communities, and government stakeholders. Room to Read works closely with multiple stakeholders them to provide an enabling reading environment for the child, both in school and at home.

Literacy Cloud
Room to Read has stepped into the digital space with the launch of our platform, Literacy Cloud. This platform enables a new generation of teachers and young learners to access original, high-quality children’s book titles in their local language to help create a culture of reading. We aim to make learning fun and accessible.

Key components of our program

  • Explicit Instructions
  • Forming Skills & Habits
  • Enabling Environments
  • Monitoring and assessment
  • Teacher Training
  • Dedicated Time
  • Setting Up Libraries
  • Reading Material
  • Adaptation & Customization

Graph of Average Books checked out 2016-2019

Average Books Checked out

  • CICO 2017 - 16
  • CICO 2018 - 18.7
  • CICO 2019 - 21.6

Mapping our Literacy Program